Sunday, 21 September 2014

American Vogue - September 2014: A$AP & CHVNEL

As soon as I read online that bae was going to be in the September issue with Chanel I knew I had to track down a copy of Vogue for safekeeping. I do that with particular issues; I'm not a regular magazine buyer, but when these special moments come round I endeavor to do so. I did it with the issue of Sarah-Jessica Parker and Chris Noth when they did they did a spread back in 2008, I did it when Justin Bieber covered the ten year anniversary for Complex Magazine and I did it again for Rocky and Chanel.

Turns out not all newsagents in Amsterdam or the surrounding area stocks the September issue, with its 856 pages full of adverts and editorials. It took me a good two weeks to track it down and I got it from the American Book Centre in Spui. Not sure why I didn't check there earlier.

It's a truly wonderful shoot.

She's beautiful and well, he's a pretty motherf'cker.


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