Thursday, 5 November 2015

Air Jordan 5 x Supreme

I'd like to say I'm not a hypebeast.

I'd like to say I'm not a sneakerhead.

My jumpers are Acne, my jeans are River Island and my trainers are for the most part, are general release - none of these indicate hypebeast nor sneakerhead.

This pair I'm about to talk about however could err on the side of both.

Somehow, the launch gods were on my side on Saturday morning and I managed to buy the Air Jordan 5 x Supreme collab in the camo colourway.

The Camo colourway was the only one available on - I think the others were only available through Supreme and honestly, I'm not being salty but these look so much better than any of the other options available.

I just have to pick a safe day when these can be worn out of the house and in this unpredictable Dutch weather we have.


&other stories haul

I was in meetings in Amsterdam last week, which I absolutely adore by the way. No hour long commute to our wonderful HQ, just a simple bike ride along the canals to an old, authentic Amsterdam water-front building. If I worked as well as lived in Amsterdam, I couldn't ask for much more.

I've digressed before I've even begun. That's good isn't it.

Anyway, so after my meeting finished, I made a quick pitstop at the &otherstories store which is on the Heiligeweg just off the Kalverstraat and had a lovely stress free, post all day meeting spend.

For some reason I headed straight for the cosmetics. I barely gave the clothes a second glance. I was in the mood for some new beauty products and determined to do a power shop in the short 30 mins I had before the store shut.

Their products are so lovely, so simply designed and a pretty good price. I love how clean they are look and the packaging is perfect.

Even the bags are beautiful.

Overview of all:
Large Body Mist and Body Wash in Fig Fiction
Moroccan Tea Hand Cream and Mini Body Mist
Le Grand Moyeu Candle
Lil hoop earrings
Black eyeliner
Phone Case
Lip Balm


Monday, 5 October 2015

black and grey kinda day

Being back in Liverpool in the autumn is simply wonderful. The leaves make the neighbourhood look even more beautiful than normal and it makes me very excited to come back home for Christmas. 

Coat - Forever 21
Jumper - Acne
Sneakers - Nike Sportswear Cortez

Sunday, 27 September 2015


I've been a bit lazy for the past few months and been dipping in and out of a solid exercise routine. I'm still cycling a lot, but with my new job/transition from old job/traveling/other excuses, I've kinda pushed the thought of exercise to the back of my mind.

Tomorrow this all changes. I've devised a workout-plan with a colleague from work and I'm pretty determined to stick to it. I'm pretty sure she'll kick my ass if I make an excuse and cancel on her for a workout session, so I don't want to let her down. 

Next week I'm back in Liverpool and I've got a personal training session scheduled in at the JD Gym which I'm looking forward to. I find it much better when a professional is showing me the ropes. They'll probably kick my ass, but no pain no gain, right?


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Greece - Athens


Greece - Perdika, Aegina


tourist in my own city - with TravelEx, FlyBe and Liverpool Airport

I've been in Amsterdam for five years now. It's actually official. I got a five year anniversary plaque from work a few weeks ago. Time has flown by, I adore this place but I don't truly know the city and I still have to use Google Maps nearly everywhere I go.

I go back to Liverpool a lot. Not so much over the past six months, but with a flight that takes just under an hour on a good day, I've got no excuses not to go back and see my Mama and Papa.

FlyBe recently opened up a flight route from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to Amsterdam Schiphol and to celebrate this, along with the airline, airport and TravelEx they flew five bloggers over from the North West on a cute lil purple jet and I hopped on my cute lil red racer bike to meet them all at the Park Hotel.

When I arrived, I met with five other Bloggers/Vloggers and we were split into groups of two and set city-themed challenges to do within 24 hours.

Our challenge was to visit five bars and restaurants in the city and eat five meals or snacks which consisted of cheese. That's a lotta cheese.

The first place we visited was Omelegg in De Pijp. Delicious omelettes with all kinds of fillings and ingredients. Definitely a good place to hit up first. I'd never been before but often seen queues of hip guys with nice facial hair waiting to get a table inside.
Next we took a stroll up towards Albert Cuyp Markt, and found the "Say Cheese" stall, which is right near the entrance of the market if you're coming from Van Woustraat. We picked up some recommendations from the owner and also some chili cheese which was surprisingly delicious. 
Next we made our way up to the Ice Bar near Rembrantplein. We had to bend the rules a little bit and order a strawberry cheesecake cocktail. If it has cheese in the name, it still counts right? 

Here I am, getting my clog on next door to the Ice Bar.
On Monday afternoon, we all rendezvous'd at the Amsterdam Cheese Museum nearby to Anne Frank house and we were all taught about the wonderful history of cheese making and got to try some amazing Cheese samples. Who knew there was lavender cheese, or pesto cheese? I didn't. 
Day two called for more modes of transport and we hopped on one of the canal cruises which took us all the way from the Park Hotel/Rijksmuseum area to Centraal station. It's easy to miss when you're usually cycling along busy roads but when you stop a minute and take a look at the amazing houses along the canals, they really are what property dreams are made of. 

The penultimate stop was the Hilton Sky Lounge, right next to Centraal Station. I introduced the guys to fried cheese sticks and bitterballen, which I think they were surprised by. This is one of the best ways to see a great view of the city and they also have a map which plots out all the buildings you can see in the skyline. 
Our final task was to get a pancake and we hit up a traditional pancake huis on Leidseplein and I got the classic ham and cheese with plenty of syrup. Sounds like a weird combo? Trust me, it works.

Now I just have to say a huge thanks to Liverpool John Lennon Airport, FlyBe and of course the wonderful Travelex UK for the whole adventure. I had a great time meeting new bloggers and seeing old faces I hadn't seen in years. I had so much fun - thank you guys! 


Monday, 7 September 2015

Long time, no blog, hey?

What excuses can I use this time? 

I’ve been too busy with work? I’ve been traveling? I got a boyfriend?

All true. 

They are my poor excuses for not paying any attention to this wonderful little space.

But alas, do not fear - I’m back and with a bang. 

Today I’m kicking off a two day adventure with Liverpool Airport, FlyBe and Travelex UK to explore Amsterdam, this wonderful city I've called home for the past five years. 

Stayed tuned for the exciting stories to follow. 

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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Warehouse Urban Garden Party

I was emailed earlier this week to be told that some pretty exciting things are happening at Warehouse. A campaign they've got going on at the moment is called "Urban Garden Party." It's linked to Summer-time occasion wear, but they're also transforming their stores into urban jungles, featuring illustrations by Lo Parkin.

Anybody can sign up to these parties on Warehouse's website - there are parties in Liverpool One and Oxford Street to name a couple. If you sign up you can receive 20% off Occasion wear, get your hair done by Toni & Guy and of course no fashion party is complete without goodie bags and free gifts. 

How nice is the styling in these photos? I'm a guest at two weddings this summer (bridesmaid to be exact) and I'm on the lookout for formal wear for the day before. I picked out a rather lovely crepe blazer and pant suit which I'm excited to try, but I love the white culotte playsuit so much! 

Sign up for the Urban Garden Party here - I'm hoping to head down to Liverpool One this weekend to check out the store. Exciting times.

Roll on summer.

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