Wednesday, 7 January 2015

#backtorunning - Yasso

Tonight I joined my fellow Pavement Bound Amsterdam team members on the running track to take part in Yasso.

Yasso? Heard of it? I hadn't until a few weeks ago.

Yasso is basically a very simple form of marathon training. (I'm not planning on running a marathon btw, just wanted to join the PB Crew)

I'm not going to write down exactly what it is - you can find that out here but I'll tell you what we did.

One 400m warm-up lap.

800m at your own pace

400m rest lap

800m at your own pace

400m rest lap

800m at your own pace

One 400m rest lap

800m at your own pace


Then every week, you're meant to add another 800m lap plus a rest lap. If you miss a week, you start back at four reps of 800. So it's in your best interest to attend every week.

I'd been dreading doing this for weeks; I'm not a fast runner - I chill my beans at my own pace; I finished at least three minutes after the other runners, but they're fantastic runners. And that's when it clicked. Don't compare yourself with other people. And it made things a whole load easier.

I loved it and I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I defo think I'm gonna be joining next week.


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