Thursday, 19 March 2015

Warehouse Urban Garden Party

I was emailed earlier this week to be told that some pretty exciting things are happening at Warehouse. A campaign they've got going on at the moment is called "Urban Garden Party." It's linked to Summer-time occasion wear, but they're also transforming their stores into urban jungles, featuring illustrations by Lo Parkin.

Anybody can sign up to these parties on Warehouse's website - there are parties in Liverpool One and Oxford Street to name a couple. If you sign up you can receive 20% off Occasion wear, get your hair done by Toni & Guy and of course no fashion party is complete without goodie bags and free gifts. 

How nice is the styling in these photos? I'm a guest at two weddings this summer (bridesmaid to be exact) and I'm on the lookout for formal wear for the day before. I picked out a rather lovely crepe blazer and pant suit which I'm excited to try, but I love the white culotte playsuit so much! 

Sign up for the Urban Garden Party here - I'm hoping to head down to Liverpool One this weekend to check out the store. Exciting times.

Roll on summer.


Monday, 9 March 2015

Laces Out! at Camp & Furnace

I headed back to Liverpool over the weekend for a few reasons; it was my Dad and Brother's birthdays, I was due to have a Bridesmaid dress fitting and also it was the second edition of Laces Out! the trainer festival held at Camp & Furnace in Liverpool.

The McBrides were representing family Flyknit; I wore Flyknit Zoom Agility and my plus one, my Mum wore Flyknit Max. *fire emoji* *fire emoji* *fire emoji*

Last year, we were mid Huarache hype and I did an interview with the organisers before the event. I asked, what are you expecting to see a lot of? Expecting the answer to be Huas; they were absolutely everywhere.

He replied and said "a lot of adi." I was surprised for some reason. I know that historically, Liverpool is an adi city, but nothing prepared me for how much adidas there was this year.

I didn't buy anything for myself, only a pair of baby Prestos for my boss who is expecting a baby and has an unreal collection of Prestos himself. My mum also bought me two Chris Bower prints for my birthday - one of a pair of Flyknit Racers and the other a pair of Air Max 95s. Check out his Instagram. It's pretty cool.

Well done to everybody involved and hopefully see you down at the next one. 

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