Sunday, 17 January 2016


Oh dear.. It's not a very good sign when your last post was just a carbon copy of the one you're typing.

Ah well. We're three weeks in to the year and I'm four posts deep. Five if you count this one. I'm sure that's a better speed than I was at this time LY.

New Years Resolutions

One of the NYR's I wanted to try and make was to be more efficient at saving money. I started saving towards the end of last year and because of this, I didn't get crazy deep into credit card for Christmas. So I'm trying this year again to put away a certain amount each month and hopefully I will have a nice little amount by the end of the year.


I had my upper wisdom teeth out this week and I just wanted to let y'all know, if you need to get it done, please do not worry about it at all. It was totally fine. I had zero pain (touch wood it doesn't kick in soon) and very minor swelling. Don't worry about it. If you know you have to get it done and you're just putting it off, just go for it. It's not that bad.


We're on week 3 of 4 of the climbing course and I'm looking forward to finishing it. It's a lot of fun and I'd like to continue when I'm finished but there's just this mental block before we get there, like why the f'ck do we not want to go.

Pink Soda

In the spirit of exercise, I received a ton of awesome stuff from Pink Soda this week which I'm really looking forward to trying on and trying out.

This was kinda a lame weekly round-up. Nothing that much exciting happened I guess. Here's to an exciting week next week!


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