Sunday, 6 March 2016

Sunday Thoughts

I always had this idea in my mind that I cared about the environment.

When I was about 10, I wrote a letter to Tony Blair about deforestation, and how worried I was about it. I even got a reply from Downing Street - I can prove it, my Mum has the letter somewhere.

I love animals, I can't bare the thought of an animal getting harmed, I make myself aware of what is going on in the world, I watch documentaries, force myself to watch cruelty propaganda clips and have opinions on serious issues.

But I've realised that I'm not actually doing anything about it. (Up until a couple of months ago,) I ate meat and fish, didn't recycle, drank milk, ate cheese and even wore fur (it's a vintage stole that belonged to my Granny; I'd guess it's around 100 years old so I keep it for sentimental values.)

Something recently has shifted in my mind and I'm starting to change how I live. I'm starting with "small" changes - significantly reducing my intake of animal products - no meat, very little dairy, but I'm starting to look into bigger lifestyle changes; watching what I buy and how much trash I'm making.

I'd never thought about how much trash I produced, before I watched a video on Lauren Singer, who produces basically zero waste per year. It's seriously impressive and very aspirational.

Overall, I'm still in my research phase but feel like I need to tackle these lifestyle changes in small steps.

First step: no meat, no fish.
Check, check - all good. Easy to cut out. I will miss steak though. I love steak.

Second step: no dairy.
Dairy turned out to be a lot easier to cut out than I thought. I haven't drunk milk in three weeks maybe? I'm not sure exactly. Shoulda written the date down.

Third Step: Waste reduction
I think it begins soon. I don't think I can immerse myself into the lifestyle straight away, but I think there are small changes that I've already started making - no coffee in the mornings in paper cups. No more plastic bags from Albert Heijn, no more plastic bottles. I also need to assess where I'm buying my food from and the packaging it comes in.

Next up; recycling. Let's see how it goes.

Here are some pretty cool videos that have started to make me think more about this:

Netflix Documentaries: Cowspiracy and Food Matters.

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